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Once upon a time, in France, a young boy named Nicolas Subra was born on April 12, 1999. As days passed, marked by the routines and scenes of everyday life, he was driven by a powerful longing. He dreamed of doing something grand that would leave a mark on the world. But these boundless ambitions, these aspirations that seemed so distant for a boy of his circumstance, made him different. While his classmates engaged in soccer, Nicolas was spellbound by a completely different realm: the world of illusion. His days were filled with relentless practice, mastering tricks that could deceive even the sharpest eye. Beneath the protective canopy of a centuries-old oak tree, card in hand, he immersed himself in this art, refining each movement to perfection. For him, magic was more than just a hobby; it was a sanctuary. A place where the constraints of daily life faded, allowing him to lose himself in a world where anything became possible.

Even though Nicolas was different, this often made him the target of teasing and jokes. Whispered comments in playground corners, quick looks of disapproval, and sharp sarcasm were part of his daily life. He was seen as the unusual boy, the young magician too caught up in his cards and illusions to join the usual childhood games. Yet, this very hardship helped him grow in his art. It pushed him to draw from his emotions, making each performance deeply sincere and impactful.

Over the years, a gentle inner whisper began to haunt him. He realized that the true power of magic did not lie in ephemeral illusion, but in its ability to touch the soul, to leave an indelible imprint on people's hearts. The applause and laughter were gratifying, indeed, but a voice within him aspired to create a deeper connection, a magic that would stand the test of time. Each trick, each illusion he performed, was an invitation to an inner journey, a quest for authenticity. And while the initial astonishment of the audience at a disappearing piece or an aerially manipulated card was enjoyable, what really mattered was the glimmer of hope, the tenderness, or the reflection he could instill in their eyes. Thus, his magic transformed. It became less a demonstration of technical prowess and more an expression of the soul. He sought to touch people, not just dazzle them. He wanted them to feel, to question, to dream.

He wanted his magic to be the bridge between the visible and the invisible, between the tangible and the intangible. It was not just a game of illusion; it was a way to express humanity, to remind people of the beauty and mystery residing in the simple things of life, and to establish a lasting connection that does not fade with time—a reminder of the present moment. 

Building on his early challenges and triumphs, Nicolas began performing on stage at just 10 years old. His distinctive talent quickly distinguished him, leading to several victories in magic contests. By the age of 12, he had already joined the French Federation of Magicians (FFAP), embarking on a relentless pursuit of excellence in his craft. Since then, Nicolas has never paused, continuously refining his skills and expanding his horizons. From the age of 16, Nicolas began inventing his own magic tricks and creating specialized equipment for other magicians, showcasing his creativity and technical prowess. Since then, Nicolas's magic has captivated audiences at high-profile corporate events and luxurious hotels, bringing a touch of enchantment wherever he performs. His talents have taken him around the globe, enthralling audiences from the pristine beaches of the Maldives to the mystical landscapes of Bali and the rich cultural tapestry of Sri Lanka. In addition to his stage performances, Nicolas has made brief appearances on television, further broadening his reach and sharing his magical experiences with a wider audience.

Alongside his performance career, Nicolas ventured into entrepreneurship with a company that created magical potions. Although he has since moved on from this business, it's a testament to his innovative spirit and commitment to integrating magic into every aspect of life. Nicolas often says that magic saved him; it taught him everything from speaking in public to connecting with others. Now, he wants to give back what he received from magic. 

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