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Welcome to the exclusive world of Nicolas Subra, The Dream Guider, a French professional magician and mentalist with 15+ years of experience.


Welcome to the exclusive world of Nicolas Subra, The Dream Guider, a French professional magician and mentalist with 15+ years of experience, showcased in numerous televised appearances.


On stage since the age of 10, magic has transformed from a childhood fascination into a profound passion. He has performed in over 20 countries, captivating audiences with his craft, delivered in both English and French. Each performance is crafted not just to entertain, but to leave a lasting imprint, making every encounter unforgettable.


Why The Dream Guider ? For Nicolas Subra, magic is more than entertainment —it's a means to inspire and transform. As The Dream Guider, he leads audiences into a realm where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. Each performance is an invitation to dream bigger and question deeper. His approach to magic transcends mere spectacle; it serves as a catalyst for personal reflection and growth.


Nicolas specializes in close-up magic, delivering personalized performances by moving from table to table and engaging with guests one-on-one. This form of magic is exceptionally adaptable, fitting seamlessly into any event setting, from casual cocktail parties to elegant dinners. As a close-up magician, Nicolas ensures each interaction is unique and memorable, making it the perfect entertainment choice to elevate any gathering.


Nicolas excels in the art of stage magic, captivating audiences with grand, interactive performances. Specializing in this form of illusion, he creates memorable magical experiences that challenge conventional beliefs and demonstrate that the impossible can become possible, and dreams can indeed turn into reality. His stage magic combines visual effects with compelling storytelling, ensuring a performance that not only fascinates and entertains but also inspires and provokes thought. Each show is meticulously crafted to immerse spectators in a world of mystery and wonder, making every event unforgettable.


Nicolas brings the enchantment of magic to life with his children's shows, perfectly tailored to capture the imagination of young audiences. His performances are vibrant and interactive, filled with colorful magic tricks and engaging storytelling that delight children and spark their sense of wonder. Nicolas' shows are more than just entertainment; they're an adventure into a magical world where anything is possible. Each performance is crafted with care to be both fun and educational, encouraging creativity and curiosity among the young spectators. Nicolas ensures a magical experience that leaves every child mesmerized and smiling.